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Bespoke Product Design

All our products are designed using cutting edge 3D computer-aided design/manufacturing software Solidworks and Lantek. There are many benefits and advantages of using CAD/CAM which we take advantage of.

Higher productivity

Solidworks helps us to visualise the final products that is to be made, its subassemblies and constituent parts. The design can be manipulated in 3D space which lets us see how the actual product will work. The software helps to drastically improve our design productivity that translates into fast designing, lower cost and shorter completion times.

High quality design

With Solidworks we can carry out thorough engineering analysis of our proposed designs. We use FEA software to analyse our products before manufacture– which reduces the need for costly prototypes, eliminates rework and delays, and saves time and development costs.

Since CAD systems offer greater accuracy, errors are reduced drastically in the designed product. We have developed our own slot and tag design methodology that renders jigs all but redundant, and ensures accurate and repeatable assembly. Better design means faster manufacturing, reduced waste and ultimately lower cost.

Economy & Repeatability

Our Lantek sheet metal CAM software allows us to consistently produce components to precise measurements allowing for tighter tolerances than working manually. It is hugely more efficient and results in tremendously reduced material waste. We are able to use up to 97% of some our sheets because the software allows us to ‘nest’ the components on the sheet in a way that simply isn’t possible without it.

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