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Expert Manufacturing

ABBA Commercials are committed to delivering high quality products, on time and at a sensible price. We’ve developed out manufacture process to fulfil our commitment to being the best.

We have invested heavily in high quality machinery including the largest profiling and pressing equipment in UK body building; thanks to this investment we have the following capabilities in house

CNC Press Brake
With the ability to fold up to 8m long at 600 tonnes, we have the capability to press components for any size body that you require.

Hi-Def CNC Plasma Profile Cutter
With our SAF Alphatome Hi-Definition plasma profile cutter we have the ability to cut high quality plasma cut components up to 25mm in thickness. The 8m x 2.5m cutting bed means no body is too big for ABBA Commercials.

Blasting and painting
With our industry leading shot blasting capability and state of the art low-bake spray painting booth, we provide the best paint package solution to our customers.

All of our products are grit-blasted with garnet to specified standards in-house before entering the paint shop. Blasting the metal surface removes all mill-scale, dust content and chemical deposits leaving it with a micro-textured surface ideally suited for subsequent paint operations.

After blasting we use a manufacturer approved paint programme using epoxy primer and 2-pack acrylic paint. Our low-bake oven then cures the paint at temperatures of up to 80 degrees Celsius to ensure a superior finish.

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