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Grab Loaders

Lorry loaders are very much a speciality at ABBA Commercials. Available from 12 to 18 tonnes against our Workstation range, and from 26 and 32 tonnes on our Predator and Streamline ranges.

About Grab Loaders

Our preference is to supply the loader and build the complete product, we believe that the hydraulic system should be designed and installed by one supplier.

We offer category B3 cranes specified 25% under their rated lift potential up to 18 tonnes GVW, with our preference being HMF of Denmark. For 26 and 32 tonne trucks we offer the Epsilon M125, and HMF 12.44, both of which are designated at B4.

Grab cranes are available with high level controls, top seat controls, and remote controls and our bodies come with a myriad of options including sheeting systems, tow bars, trench and road saw racks, illumination of access and working areas, weighing and telematics systems.

Key Features

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