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The Pangolin armoured personnel carrier (APC) was developed for the Police Service of Northern Ireland as a replacement for their ageing fleet of armoured Land Rovers.

About Pangolin

The Pangolin has been in operation since June 2011. Tried and tested in some of the most hostile public order scenarios in Northern Ireland. At present we have manufactured and supplied over 150 Pangolins.

The Pangolin is a high specification armoured personnel with multiple layers of protection provided by both steel and composite components. Further enhanced by corrosion resistant galvanised components, up-rated suspension/brakes, fuel tank fire proofing and fire suppression systems.

The Pangolin meets stringent requirements and standards – including ballistic testing, European brake regulations and VSAG 08 handling tests. An extensive programme of testing was carried out and certified at MIRA and Millbrook proving grounds.

Key Features

Base Vehicle

110/130 Chassis, 2.4 Litre Puma Diesel Engine, Uprated brakes, Uprated rear axle, Uprated suspension, ABS Brakes


B6+ Armour Level, Modular composite panels, Run-flat tyres, Fire resistance


Modular design allows armoured unit to be removed and installed on a replacement vehicle. Heavy duty, corrosion resistant galvanised components

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